Mimo T


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Graines de Collection, ne pas faire germer si la loi de votre pays de résidence ne vous le permet pas.

Cannabis Seeds Mimo T 

Genetic Origine

Lemon T
Male Revers

Cross : Lemon Tree x Cookies & Cream F2
2019 - The High Chameleon - EUR

Reg THC Selection

2016 - Symbiotic Genetics
The Village, California - USA

seed feminized
culture indoor outdoor
Seeds indica sativa
70% Indica
30% Sativa
fort THC seeds
Floraison THC graine cannabis
8 Weeks
culture THC

Terpenes : Citrus Orange Lemon Champagne

The High Chameleon was lucky enough in 2016 to get seeds from Symbiotic Genetics. The American breeder is extremely well known for its varieties, which have been used as the basis for the Jungle Boys' selections and have enabled them to win a large number of UPCs throughout the world. For years, the mimosa was one of the dispensary's leading varieties. T.L.C. is still considered one of the most upscale in Los Angeles thanks to its prestigious selection and the constant comings and goings of rappers and other superstars.

Mimo T has also inherited a good structure from its father Lemon T. This makes it easy to grow and generous in fruit and resin. The fruit is green with purple tips on the surface and can really turn purple-pink when put through the grinder.

It has a very complex scent that cannot be found elsewhere. A sweet mix of citrus, floral and acidic that lingers on the palate for a long time thanks to its huge amount of terpenes. The high is just as pleasant and easy to live with.

It is a variety that can be consumed during the day for therapeutic purposes to regulate moods or revitalise eating patterns. It is also known to stimulate creativity, dreams and inspiration.