Vanilla T

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Graines de Collection, ne pas faire germer si la loi de votre pays de résidence ne vous le permet pas.

Cannabis Seeds Vanilla T 

Genetic Origine

Lemon T
Male Revers

Cross : Lemon Tree x Cookies & Cream F2
2019 - The High Chameleon - EUR

Vanilla Berry Pie
Reg THC Selection

2016 - Aficionados Farm
Mendocino, California - USA

seed feminized
culture indoor outdoor
Seeds indica sativa
80% Indica
20% Sativa
fort THC seeds
Floraison THC graine cannabis
8 Weeks
culture THC

Terpenes :
Diesel Cream Tangy

The High Chameleon selected the 2016 Vanilla Berry Pie by browsing the Aficionados farm in the Mendocino Valley of Northern California. Aficionados' international reputation is long established, making it a highly prized seed bank. But not everyone has access to it.

For this one, only 999 numbered boxes were put on the market. These are truly rare collector's items. 

Vanilla T has phenotypes very close to the mother. It is a robust plant with a strong Indica tendency that produces round, golf-ball shaped flowers with a high degree of crystallisation, sometimes covering all the leaves. It has all the characteristics needed to create Hash, Rosin and BHO.

Its flavours are very complex and deep and require several tastings to fully appreciate. Diesel lovers will find a fantastic combination of cream and tartness that has never been explored before. It is very popular with connoisseurs and people looking for a delicate and refined fragrance.