The High Chameleon

Rich aromas and exhilarating effects, cultivated with the excellence of grand crus.

Approved by specialized media, professionals, artists, and informed enthusiasts with complete impartiality, and awarded at the Cannabis Cup.

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Purple Space

Chanvre à Parfum Flowers CBD

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Green Fox

Chanvre à Parfum Flowers CBD

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Cheese M

THC Seeds Collection M18

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Runtz M

THC Seeds Collection M18

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What Sets Us Apart


We traced the origins of cannabis and its cultivation to offer products capable of making history.


Selected to offer complex flavors, requiring multiple tastings to uncover all their subtleties.


Produced using living organic soil cultivation, with respect and care for nature, the grower, and the consumer.

Seeds Collection M18

Feminized THC Seeds
Living Organic Soil
Indoor / Outdoor

A timeless and historic collection, remastering legendary strains to offer an experience that transcends space and time.

The M18 feminized seed collection is the result of the alliance between Skunk 18 and Mendocino Purps, two strains that made their mark on Californian cannabis history before the turn of the millennium. We crossed this male with 7 strains from both past and present to redefine the history of tomorrow.

2000 Years of History Exploited

We have explored two millennia of agricultural cultivation techniques between Europe, Japan, Africa, and California, tracing back to the initial roots of the genealogical tree of historical varieties to merge the best methods and genetics with modern knowledge in order to redefine excellence.

Unique Sensory Experience 

To offer complex flavors and fully develop, plants, like all living beings, need healthy, varied, and balanced nutrition. Only organic cultivation in living soil provides a diverse and fresh diet, thanks to the biodiversity of ecosystems and natural processes optimized to bring flavors to their peak.

Healthy and Balanced Effects

Deep relaxation and harmonious effects, enhanced by flavors suited to different moments of life, thanks to a meticulous selection of genetics and the complete absence of chemical additives at every stage of production.

Responsible and Sustainable Production

In the current context of our world and in our quest for excellence, organic cultivation in living soil stands out as an obvious choice. This method relies exclusively on natural products and processes, working in synergy with nature. It guarantees profound respect for the environment, the cultivator, and the consumer, thus ensuring exceptional purity.

Chanvre à Parfum

Our vision of CBD offers aromas of rare intensity and complexity, requiring multiple tastings to fully uncover all its nuances. It provides deep relaxation while maintaining mental clarity, ideal for staying sociable and fulfilling obligations.

Designed for those who appreciate good taste and refined products, our fragrant hemp is perfect for active days, moments of sharing, intimate encounters, and special occasions. 

  • Intense Flavors
  • Powerful Non-Psychoactive Effects
  • Living Soil Organic Cultivation
  • 100% legal


Approved by Renowned Professionals

He created a double Cannabis Cup-winning strain from a gifted seed.

"You gave me a seed (...) and then we grew that single seed. And that single seed turned out to be an absolutely amazing plant, on all levels (...) this thing was fantastic."

House of the Great Gardener 
Renowned Canadian Cannabis Breeder

"a reference on the European scene"

"Exceptional genetics to delight the most discerning palates. (...) Seeds with superior stability, unmatched vigor, and complex flavors that will transport you to new sensory dimensions."

"You feel the power of the aromas"

"There is a whole spectrum in life, and here you are in the top 10 of incredibly strong strains that form a ring of resin from the very first puff. It's shocking, it's magnificent. How round it is, how compact, it has flavor, it's a real genetic marvel."

Léo - Founder of French Farm

Innovation & Exclusivity Living Soil Cultivation

Pogona Sinsemilla 

The Ultimate Solution to Combat Hermaphroditism

Foliar spray designed to prevent and combat hermaphroditism in all types of plants and cultivation methods.

  1. Reduces the risk of hermaphroditism in plants.
  2. Decreases the risk of cross-pollination.
  3. Improves the quality of resin and trichomes.
  4. Extends the shelf life of dried fruits.

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Pack Super Soil 

The Complete Solution for Growth and Bloom

A 100% natural amendment designed to bring your soil to life with a full spectrum of nutrients. This mix facilitates living soil cultivation, from novice to seasoned growers.

  1. Nourishes plants optimally.
  2. Increases terpene complexity.
  3. 100% Natural Living Solution

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