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Lemon T feminized cannabis seed collection​

A 100% Californian father with the Diesel Citron signature, crossed with our selection of the best original American and European cannabis strains of these last 30 years for 7 exceptional varieties.

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Bisous au THC
Ft. Noman Hosni

Notre variété en édition limitée avec Noman Hosni. La plante bisous au THC est une plante plutôt facile à cultiver elle conviendra facilement aux novices comme aux experts.

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All our seeds are wrapped into sealed multifunctional boxes. You can take it outside, at a friend’s house and anywhere you want easily.

Offert à partir de 3 graines.   ou bien    Disponible à l'achat.

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Living soil Full solution

​This method of cropping is used for all high-quality plant productions. Thanks to the fresh and complete nutrition program Full Spectrom, your plants will express their full potential and be tasteful. The taste clearly depends on your soil and the way it lives.

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