Your plants get more nutrition and better
Improves growth
Treats all types of deficiencies




Natural maintenance of Ph
Regulates pathogens and protects against disease


Your plants are stronger, produce more and are of better quality thanks to natural bio-dynamic nutrition. Oxygenated Compost Tea ensures that your plants are bathed in a full spectrum of nutrients and greatly enhances their absorption capacity for optimal growth and flowering.

Our packs are calibrated to allow you to make 4 oxygenated compost teas to accompany your plants throughout the session. Push the plants to their limits and get more expressive terpenes by further broadening their nutrient spectrum.

It is the most natural way to bring your soil to life while providing your plants with the most varied and balanced nutrition possible. Its incredible regenerative power cleanses the soil of heavy metals, pesticides and pathogens, keeping your plants in a healthy living space.

WARNING: The perfect addition to your super soil! We have calibrated all the raw materials to allow you to create your own AACT and boost the life in your living soil. This calibration has been designed to suit the power of the AACT machine that is essential for tea making. If you decide to use another material than ours, we cannot guarantee that your AACT will be truly active.

We don't want to sound like Apple, but it's been designed so that you just have to mix it all up, let it run for 24 hours and sprinkle with life without having to worry about it.



For those who are new to AACT and have no equipment. 


For those who already have one of our AACT machines.


After setting up your TCO machine, 
1 - Fill your machine with water at a temperature between +18C° and +22C°.
2 - Put a quarter of each product in a container (x7 products)
3 - Mix. You can use your hands, it's all natural. 
4 - Once a homogeneous mixture is obtained, place it in the filter supplied with your machine.
5 - Turn on your air compressor and add the Molasses and Humic and Fulvic Acids.
 Molasses and Humic and Fulvic Acids dosage: 1 to 2 mL per litre of desired TCO: 
    - 30L machine: between 30mL and 60ml 
    - 60L machine: between 60ml and 120ml
    - 120L machine: between 120ml and 240ml6 - Place the filter in the slot in the lid provided for this purpose7- Let your machine oxygenate your tea for 24 hours8 - After 24 hours, switch off your compressor.
(It is possible to do 48 hours but we do not recommend it)


Black waterproof case with lid and 2 side handles (made of biodegradable plastic) to easily make your TCO

High-quality, quiet air compressor to fit your tank

The 150mm stone diffuser is ideal for the Hailea 2100l/H or 2700l/H pump, or Charles Austen ET30 and ET40 (ultra-quiet), + 6/8mm hose.

Designed to be combined with our pumps, these air diffusers are of optimal efficiency.

CE standards.

Excellent quality filter perfect for making oxygenated compost teas easily. This filter is perfectly suited to make it as easy as possible for you to create your OCT. Easy to prepare, quick to set up, remove and wash. ( Dishwasher safe)

A TCO must oxygenate and ferment in a solution between 18 and 22°C. To avoid cooling, especially in winter, a water heater perfectly adapted to your tank is essential!

Manually adjustable from 16 to 32°C.

CE Standards


Organic amendment. NPK : 2,35-1,3-3,3 guaranteed without mineral additives. NFU 44-051. Can be used all year round in AB EEC 2092/91. Origin : Spain.

Analysis of 27-01-2017:

    Dry matter 65,1%

    Organic matter 44,4%

    Ph 8,5

    CE 6,57dS/m

    Nitrogen (N) 2.35% of which NO3 0.29

    Phosphorus (P205) 1.3

    Potash (K2O) 3.3

    Calcium (Ca) 9.7

    Magnesium (MgO) 2.06

    Iron (Fe) 1.18

    Sodium (Na) 0.82

    Sulphur (S) 0.77

    Humic acids 6%.

    Fulvic acids 2.7%.

The food for the worms consists of 100% AB (Veritas) cereals and vegetables.

100% from unrefined sugar cane (FR BIO-01) - Can be used in AB. EC 834/2007

Rich in trace elements and vitamins, it allows the development of micro-organisms in your solution and/or your soil by feeding them.

Useful for the growth and flowering of your plants. Can be used for simple watering.

- 0.6% (N), 2.8% (P), 24% (gluc.), 23% (saccha.), 6% (proteines). PH: 5. Density: 1.39.

Excerpts from Leonardite: 

        Greatly enhances germination, growth and root development.

        Improves cation exchange capacity and resistance to osmotic stress.

- It is not allowed to be used in AB since 2013 because it is a rare product (leonarditis), that's why we only sell it in small quantities but we recommend it anyway for its incredible virtues. Dosage: spray 3ml/l,

watering 2ml/l (perhaps add to a TCO just before watering).


•    Total Moisture Extract: 166 g/l

•    Humic Acids: 133 g/l

•    Fulvic acids: 33 g/l

•    Dry matter: 200 g/l

•    Organic matter: 144 g/l

•    Organic carbon: 78 g/l.

Provisional authorisation no. 1030005, Eye and hand protection, in case of contact, rinse thoroughly.

French origin, organic, without pesticides.
Naturally rich in potash and phosphorus, ideal for oxygenated compost teas.Contains allantoin, silica and therefore minerals (calcium, iron, boron...), vitamins, alkaloids...

French origin, organic, without pesticides.

Stimulates soil life and vegetation.

Algal extract obtained by alkaline hydrolysis, preservative-free. Water soluble. Origin: Norway

        Can be used in organic farming

CE 834/2007. NFU 42-001. NPK : 1-0,1-21

        Better root development, better assimilation, better flowering (21% organic potash!),

        Increases chlorophyll production = greener plants

        Fight against osmotic stress

        Development of micro-organisms in the soil - rich in vitamins, iron, iodine, trace elements, auxin and cytokinin growth hormones, betaines, abscisic acids, ethylene

        Ideal for oxygenated compost teas.

Important: our Kelp is a black seaweed but it is not the much less fertile kelp of the same family which is the seaweed that swarms and pollutes Brittany, our seaweed only grows at a depth of more than 50 metres in the great cold currents off Norway.

Dry matter: 92 - 98 %.

Humidity: 2 - 8 %.

Micronized volcanic rock. Origin : USA - Central Utah. Can be used in AB. EC 834/2007. NPK : 0,15-0,15-5,23. Analysis :  Link  Azomite is an acronym of "A to Z" of the 70 earth minerals found in this rock. Odourless, does not burn plants, Azomite is 100% natural.

  • Allows an increased germination rate

  • Better root development

  • Optimal plant vigour

  • More flowers

  • Better harvests

  • Improved resistance to diseases and pests

  • Gives a better taste.

NFU 44-551. Volcanic rock. Origin: Italy. Grain size: 0.7/2mm. Atomic analysis: - Silica-SiO2: 52%. - Aluminium-Al203: 17%. - Calcium-Ca0: 5.7%. - Potassium-K20: 6.1%. - Magnesium-Mg0: 2%.

Water retention: 35%P/P
        Cation exchange capacity..

        Collects excess water and reacts to heat by oozing.
        Slowly diffuses mineral nutrients and nitrogen retained in the water (avoids soil acidification).
        Rich in trace elements, allows sustained root development. Removes soil pollution (nitrate, mercury).

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